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Dirtball Fashion: Authentic, Eco-Friendly Apparel. Moontoast: Authentic Social Commerce on Facebook. It’s a win-win. Keepin’ it Real with the Environment and the Fans

[Nashville, TN]—March 28, 2011How many water bottles does it take to make a t-shirt? What about a pair of board shorts, or a hoodie? The folks at Dirtball Fashion can tell you: 2, 25, and 45. Launched in 2008 by Joe Fox, this eco-friendly start-up has come a long way in a short time and is now venturing into the new frontier of social commerce with the help of Moontoast’s Distrbuted Store.

Moontoast’s Distributed Store lets Dirtball promote and sell their products directly from their Facebook page, or any other website.  Click here to go directly to their store on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dirtball/28323568021?ref=ts#!/pages/Dirtball/28323568021?sk=app_10442206389

“Our fans are so excited?,” said Dirtball founder, Joe Fox. “We love the way the Moontoast store lets us bring the retail experience and actual transaction right into Facebook. Now our fans share – not just updates, but actual products.”

Many of Dirtball’s fans are extreme sport enthusiasts and professionals. Skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, and BMX riders all value Fox’s dedication to building a company that is truly green and not just “green-washed.” In an interview with Transworld Business, Fox outlined his long-term vision for the company, “… we want to vertically integrate into a rehabilitated mill that generates power form solar, geo-thermal, hydro and fuel cell. It will be LEEDS certified and operate under ISO 14000 guidelines, in other words a 100% green factory.”

While several specialized retailers carry the Dirtball line, the bulk of sales for the company come through their website and online store. Using Moontoast’s Distributed Store to extend their online reach directly to their Facebook fans was a perfect match for the company’s growth goals.

Blair Heavey, Moontoast CEO says, “Social commerce represents a huge opportunity for start-up brands like Dirtball to make a name for themselves by going direct to their target audience on sites like Facebook. Direct-to-fan marketing and commerce works really well for these brands whose success relies on creating strong fan connections. It’s very exciting to have our Moontoast products be an important part of that success.”

In the “real world,” Dirtball has built alliances with extreme sports venues and athletes by being part of that community at events and in the shared support of environmental causes. Moontoast’s Distributed Store lets them bring that same direct connection to their online fan relationships and build their sales in a way that’s as authentic as their brand.

Moontoast is a social commerce company based in Boston and Nashville. Today, our products, which include Facebook commerce, distributed stores, and commerce communities, empower artists, brands and individuals to open the doors to a world of new audience-building and revenue-generating opportunities. For more information, visit us at www.moontoast.com, or check out Moontoast ImpulseTM at www.fanimpulse.com.

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